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Related post: Date: Mon, teen bikini nymphet 16 Apr 2007 13:05:58 -0700 From: nymphet bbs top Ryan Miller Subject: Bonding Energy: Opportunity Cost Ch. 10Here is the next chapter. I hope to submit these on a little nymphets free galleries weekly basis now. And, nastynymphets in response to russians young nymphets cumulative shameless little nymphets feedback, I want to make it clear that this story is not intended to make you hot and horny. If you would rather be, press the back button.Disclaimer: This is a homoerotic story I have written, so if you aren't allowed legally, morally or ethically to read it, then don't. And don't post this anywhere else without my expressed permission. Feedback is very much encouraged, so hit me up at or hit me up on myspace.Ch. 10When I woke up, I was sitting in a seat in the back of a plane. The engines were whirring and the other passengers were talking amongst themselves. My side was searing from being tazed and my mind jumped back to the image of nymphet small James being shot and falling to the ground. elite nymphets toplist I involuntarily tried to get up, but I was hindered by a seatbelt.As I fumbled with the buckle, a woman next to me said, "There's no need to get up. You're safe now." She was wearing a navy blue suit 12y nymphet with a ruffled, white blouse and her hair was puffy and poorly colored like a church-lady's.I got the new nymphets pt buckle undone and got nude nymphets jpegs up, saying, "I need to russian virgin nymphets see James.""Now calm down," no nude little nymphet she said. "I'm sure your friend is alright.""He's not my friend, he my brother," I said. I could tell by her flippant attitude and need to control me that she must have been a social worker.She stood up and put her 15 yo nymphets hands on my shoulders and said, "There's no need to go anywhere. The plane has just landed and they will be letting the passengers nymphet biz off soon.""'Landed?'" tiny nymphets galleries I exclaimed. "Where?""In Iowa," she said."No!" I said, pushing her aside and stepping out into the isle. "I've got to get out of here. I need to see James.""Young man," she said, grabbing my 8yo nymphets ukraniannymphets shoulder. "You russian nymphet nude need to calm down.""Fuck off, lady!" I said, shrugging her off. "I need to see James!"Two men in suits pretty nymphetes got up out of their seats and stepped into the isle in front of me.I turned around but saw the social worker standing in my sex nymphets pisc way, nymphet girlie nude and she said, "You need to sit down, Kyle, or we will have to restrain you."I turned to run full-force into the men blocking the exit, but I bounced off and they grabbed my arms and spun me around so I was facing the Woman as she took a pubescent nymphet syringe out of her pocket. I leaned back and pushed her away with my feet, as passengers gasped young nude nymphets art and the two men holding me forced me to the ground on my face."No!" I cried 3d nymphets as the syringe punctured my neck. "Please! I need to see James! I heave to see my brother! Pease!"*****When I woke up again, I was lying down in the back seat sweet nymphet of a car. I stared up at the night sky ukrainian nymphet info through the windows of a sedan and I could hear the voices of my aunt and uncle in the front seat.Anna and Seth McGillis were my mom's sister-in-law and brother. bbs nymphets elite Seth worked in a hay and feed store and Anna was a stay-at-home wife. They didn't have any kids, nor lo nymphet guestbook did they want any. The last time I remember seeing them was at out parent's funeral."Why the hell can't they nymphets incest pics build an airport closer to town," said nymphet bbs teen Seth. "Every damn time I have to drive 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back.""At least it was worth it this time," said Anna. "There's a station up ahead. Pull over and get some gas.'"It's $2.87 a gallon," he said. "Like hell if I'm going to pay that much.""It's the last one until we get back to town, and I need to freshen up," she insisted.Grumbling, Seth nymphet naked magazine pulled into the station and parked the car next to one of the pumps."I'm only spending $15 here," he said as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got out. "These bastards nymphets web cam aren't going to get me to fill my tank at $2.87 a gallon.""Calm down, Seth," top 100 illegal nymphets said Anna, getting out as well. "We won't have those problems anymore, so just hush up.""Hush up." That was her catch phrase. I remember distinctly when she told me to hush up at the funeral. I was six, both my parents were dead, and the lady who denied me sanctuary saw me crying and illegal nymphet pics said, "Hush up, now. Those tears won't innocent model nymphet do your parents any good. You need to be strong at times like this." Too nymphets young nymphets bad she wasn't strong enough to take care of James and me.Their doors closed and I took a deep, relaxing breath as I was left alone for the first time since I was forcibly taken from my home. The sedative the social young nymphets videos worker gave me was still clouding my mind, but my determination to go home was enough to make me lucid. I needed to see James. He was hurt and I needed to be there for him.I rolled onto my stomach, reached out my hand and, with ls nymphets 11 all the concentration I could muster, pulled down the latch on the door and lunged to push it open. It swung nymphette galleries back in on me and I pushed my feet off the other door to push it back fashion nymphets open. It stayed open that time, and I rolled over and looked through the windows at Uncle Seth as models nymphets nonude he stood staring at the gas pump, flinching and griping at every little nymphets password dollar that was pumped into his tank.Rolling back over, I slowly slid myself across the back seat until my torso was hanging out of the car. Then, walking with my hands on the pavement, I scooted out until I could pull my foot out and rest it firmly on the ground. Gaining my balance, I got my other foot on the ground and turned and slowly nymphets nudist pic closed the door. It couldn't close little nymphets free all the way, but I didn't want to slam hot nymph models it, of course. I walked away towards the highway, stooping over and turning to look at Uncle Seth as he cursed the pump.The night air was incredibly cold and all I had on was 100 top nymphet the t-shirt and jeans I was wearing when bad nymphets I was taken. The nude nymphette pictures wind was naked nymphetes fluttering through my shirttail and my short, brown hair, sending chills all over me. Taking light steps, I walked over to a large hedge on the edge of the lot by the highway where the gas station was little nymphets pic and sat down beside it, out of view of the station.I heard my aunt walk back and get in the car and, with one final curse, my uncle got back in and started the engine. I scooted up russian nymphets free pics so my body was resting closely against the foliage of the hedge as their blue, mangy Taurus pulled up to the edge of the highway and drove pre nymphet cp off down the road.Their red taillights were the most welcome sight I'd seen in a long time. My mind finally took a rest, thought russian nymphet my legs were still shaking from the rush of adrenaline I'd had during my escape. The relief of pressure and the lingering sedatives in my blood helped me calm down and start to think about how very young naked nymphettes I would get back home. I lived at least 800 miles away, so walking would be a problem. I cock sucking nymphets looked back at the gas station and saw a line of semi trucks under the tall roof of the diesel pumps. I figured at least one of them would be headed in my direction.Then I heard the squeal of tires and a revving engine in the direction my aunt and uncle had just traveled. Their headlights were coming down the road and my icy blood started pounding through my underground nymphets porn veins.I jumped up and ran free virgin nymphet towards the station. I ran around the side where the bathrooms were and down the side of a semi towards some bushes. I ran right through them, not caring that a stiff branch slashed me across the face. On the other side, I came to a street that ran off of the highway and I started running down it.Then everything was lit up in front of me as Seth's headlights appeared from behind. I didn't bother turning around but kept running towards a bridge that was now illuminated before me. I ran across the sidewalk eternal nymphetes of the bridge, over the dark waters of a river and Seth's car stopped right behind me. He got out and I could hear his door slam and his boots running after me.Seth cut me off at the other end of the sidewalk and, russian nymphets pics holding himself up on the metal rails that separated the sidewalk from street nymphets models nude and water, and panted, "Why you runnin', boy?" He looked just like I remembered him, only stubbly tiny nymphets tgp and a few inches less hair from the front. He was wearing overalls and a green flannel shirt and his tobacco-stained teeth smiled menacingly at me."I need to see James," I told him."James ain't nowhere near here," he said, stepping towards me. "Now, turn around and get back in the car.""Uncle Seth, can you swim?" I asked."What?" he said, responded.I took a deep nymphet petites breath and put my foot up on top of the rail on side of the bridge. Then I lunged naked little nymphetes up and over as Seth ran towards me and caught me by the ankle. As I dangled over the edge of the bridge, his grip threatened to squeeze my foot off. His other hand reached out to pull me up, but I kicked it against the concrete edge of the bridge pedo kids cp nymphets and he cried out and let me young korean nymphets go.I'm not little nymphets strawberry sure what the slew of curses young nymphets gallery free was that burst forth from girls under 14 nymphets his mouth as I fell down into the river. I just remember feeling like I had been slapped across the back by a giant, stiff noodle and suddenly every part of me was unbearably cold. I always hated being cold and wet.*****I felt the warm comfort of being under a large quilt, on top of a soft bed and next to a glowing fire. A wet rag was being wiped against my face and nymphet ass the cut across my cheek stung. When I flinched, I heard a voice say, "Hold still." It was a very warm, gentle voice and I was willing to do whatever it told me. Lying in my cocoon, I fell back asleep.When I woke up again, it was morning and the sunlight from the window in a white, stucco wall young bbs toplist nymphet was shining on my face. My body ached, but at least my mind felt fine. I smelled shouldering ashes and looked over to see my clothes lying out in front of a marble fireplace across from the side of the bed. The floor was a shiny hardwood and the nymphet pre nude bed was large and had a wooden frame that had elaborate bedposts with horses carved into them.I wasn't sure if I was dreaming until the door opened and a young man with sandy blond hair and a red photo nymphette felt shirt walked in. He was tall and strapping and was carrying a television. He walked over and set it up on the cabinet across from the end of the bed. After he plugged it in, he sat down on the 15 nymphets edge of the bed, grabbed the remote and turned it on. But all he got was static. He victorian nymphets got up again to play with the plugs when I said, "It's probably a problem with the input." (The techie inside of me felt compelled to fashion model nympho correct him.)He looked back and said, "Oh, I was ls nymphets ls models just setting it up for when were awake. nymphet picture I guess I was just in time."His voice had been the warm, comforting one I'd heard earlier. His too tight nymphet smile was soft and gentle and his brown eyes glowed with earnest concern."Where am I?" I asked."Emmetsburg," he said, bending over to play with the TV some more. "At the Benson Family Ranch. I'm Connor.""Kyle," I said, surprised at the nymphet model naked genial nature of this handsome stranger. "How long have I been here?""Just a couple of days," he said. "I found you on Saturday lying on the bank of the Des Moines River. You nonude nymphet board were hypothermic and half-drowned."Feeling satisfied with his TV tinkering, he sat back down on the edge of the bed and turned it on. This time, it was playing a list of scrolling TV programs. He nymphet handjob thumbs changed the channel to a documentary on the battle of Iwo Jima."What were you doing in the river, anyway?" he asked."I, uh, fell in," I said."Well, this time of year is no time to go for a swim. Those waters have claimed more than one life," he said.He tossed the remote over to me and said, "Just rest up for now. I'll tell my mom you're awake and she'll bring you something to eat. If you need anything else, just holler." He walked out and closed nymphet dorki the door.'Emmetsburg Iowa wasn't so bad,' I thought. 'At the company is pleasant.'But I didn't let my mind get too comfortable. I still needed to know if James was safe. I got out of the bed and picked up my pants. Pulling them on, I noticed my gameboy lying on the hearth of the fireplace and realized that it had been nymphetamine girl in my pants when I jumped into the river. I gave my heart a second to lament over the daddys nymphets loss of the more than 23 hours of hard mode I had struggled to russian nymphet sex attain, but turned my heart back to more important matters.I looked around the room and nymphets underage innocent found a cordless phone lying on an end table. I picked it up and dialed the number for home, hoping the Bensons wouldn't mind my making a long-distance phone call.As the phone rang, my free nymphets angels sensibilities told me to just hang up and that there was no way James could free angels nymphet model still be alive. I lovely nymphets saw him get shot in the chest by a man little nymphet galleries I doubted more and more was a federal agent. But my studies of anatomy told me it was possible he crazy top city nymphets could have survived. Peter had explained that his cousin in the army said that only a direct hit to a vital part of the body would kill you instantly. Otherwise, most people would bleed to death or get an infection. My heart shouted that it was totally possible that James was still alive, making a logic conclusion for the first time. But my mind nymphet erotic nonude told me the sensible thing to do was admit the inevitable.Then I heard James say, "If you're a young nymphettes teen pics telemarketer, stop calling. If you're a friend, call again and we might pick up. If not, then leave a message.""James!" I shouted after the machine beeped. "I'm stuck in Emmetsburg Iowa. Uncle Seth and Aunt Anna tried to take me home with them. If you get this message, come and get me at shaved nymphets the Benson Family underage pubescent nymphet Ranch...I hope you're ok."I put the phone back, nervous about my brother but taking comfort in knowing that I had done all I could for now. I sat back on the bed, picked up the remote vombat little nude nymphets and started flipping through channels. I nymphet porn stopped on a channel playing Lethal Weapon 3, gently picked up and cradled my asphyxiated gameboy, got back under the covers and waited.***** If you want to read more of the story sooner, I litle naked nymphets posted the rest at There is also a forum at AD for feedback, so e-mail me nude nymphet top sites at or join the forum and tell me what you think.
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